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Letter to visitors:


As an Executive Leader I have learned that in business people matter more than anything else. People drive business solutions and driven people get results!


I have endeavored to become a very unique and successful Business Leader by adopting a teacher, mentor, friend philosophy. The approach has led to extraordinary achievements in all of the organizations I have served. More importantly, every individual, team, and Company worked-with, continues to be positively affected through my efforts.


Every engagement with Executives, Managers, and Employees is intended to educate, build knowledge, confidence, self-awareness, and team spirit. The premise assures that all participants develop a strong passion for learning, a burning desire to grow professionally, and an irrepressible enthusiasm to achieve Company goals.


The methodology followed will assure that the correct solutions are identified and applied, people will fully understand their business objectives, and all corporate players involved are motivated by the financial outcomes that accompany business success.  


No matter how the difficult business challenge, or exciting the opportunity, I can assist you in achieving your desired results. I invite you to learn more about me here and/or plan a real time conversation to discuss your specific interest.      



Joe Guarino


Consulting Engagements

Irrespective of the business challenges a client faces and/or the industry represented, my  extensive business experience and broad organizational competencies enables me  to engage in a wide variety of requests for assistance.


Every client inquiry is seriously considered, carefully analyzed to identify the best  solution and organizational approach to accomplish desired objectives. Custom  engagement options are available based on the project scope and duration,  within your budget guidelines.


The following is a partial engagement guide for the reader. If you have business requirements that do not appear on the  list below, please contact me directly for a discussion about your particular


  • Strategic Analysis and Planning
  • P&L Management
  • Financial Stabilization and Profit Growth
  • Organizational Restructure
  • Change Management
  • Business Development
  • Sales Growth
  • Sales Force Optimization
  • Sales Talent Acquisition
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • M&A Integration